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LETTER: Symbol of climate-change deniers is the ostrich


Symbol of climate-change deniers is the ostrich

GRAND FORKS — It’s unfortunate that the editor of the Herald editorial page still seems to believe in the hoax that there is a legitimate public debate over whether global warming exists and whether the industrial that byproducts we’ve depended on for the past century are a significant cause of rising temperatures.

There is no longer debate on these two points. Geochemist James Lawrence Powell reviewed 10,885 peer-reviewed articles published in 2013 on “global warming,” “global climate change” and “climate change.” Of these, only two rejected anthropogenic (man-made) global warming.

It’s OK for those who disagree to keep working to try to disprove the widely accepted conclusion about the existence of global warming and man’s role in causing it. But when there’s 99.9 percent agreement among experts, it means that the public debate is over.

Only members of the Ostrich Party believe that it’s not happening and that human activity isn’t a significant contributor.

The real debate now shifts to describing the current impacts of climate change and estimating how bad they will be in the future, how soon before things get worse and what are the best ways to both lessen and protect ourselves against the consequences of man-made global warming.

Glassheim, a Democrat, represents Grand Forks in the North Dakota House.