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There is no debate on climate change


GRAND FORKS — After reading a recent letter in the Herald, I feel compelled to point out that within the scientific community, there is no debate on the subject of man-made climate change.

In a recent analysis of peer-reviewed scientific journal articles published between 1991 and 2013 on the subject of climate change, a researcher named James Powell found 16,208 articles which studied the existence of global warming. All but 25 of these scientific studies found evidence to support man-made climate change — which means 16,183 out of 16,208, or 99.84 percent, of the evidence gathered over the past 22 years shows that climate change is real.

Also, during the past year 9,136 scientific researchers conducted studies that were accurate and reliable enough to be published in peer-reviewed journals. Only one of those scientists did not find evidence that global warming was happening.

This means that 99.99 percent of scientists currently studying global warming have found evidence that it is happening.

So, while politicians and television pundits may suggest that there is a debate about climate change, in reality the only debate is about how bad it is going to get and how quickly is it going to get there.